The Queen falls victim to a mouse infestation at Buckingham Palace

The Queen falls victim to a mouse infestation at Buckingham Palace as health inspectors discover droppings at a cafe for tourist visitors

Health inspectors have discovered mouse droppings in a cafe for tourists at Buckingham Palace. 

They found the droppings at the pop up Garden Café which overlooks the Queen‘s lawns.   

It is thought to be the closest visitors can get to the Queen.  

Officials called in an extermination squad and they were also urged to teach kitchen workers pest control. 

The cafe charges up to £49 for admission to rooms at the Palace  and allows guests to sit beneath a canopy and enjoy cream teas of smoked salmon and scones.

Bagels, cheesecake and posh pastries topped with a gold-dusted chocolate crown are also on the menu.

The coffee is served in mugs with the Royal logo, as well as a crown-shaped dusting of cocoa powder.

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A source told the Mirror: ‘It‘s a huge treat – the closest most people can get to Her Majesty. So this is embarrassing.‘ 

Inspectors are believed to have found mouse droppings under a sink and near a dishwasher.

They said the cafe needed ‘immediate and ongoing‘ attention.

Sara Sutton, Westminster council‘s director of public protection, said: ‘I was informed this area was not easy to clean as staff were unable to mop due to a large electrical generator stored here.

‘I believe there should be bespoke pest control procedures for the premises taking into account the limitations.‘ 

A spokesman for the café said they had now ‘adhered to the guidelines in the report to reduce and control the risk of pests‘.


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