Special Investigations Team at Uber Regularly Favors Company Over Customers in Disputes

Uber Technologies (UBER) special investigations unit formed to probe allegations of improper activity by its drivers was largely designed to shield the ride-sharing company from costly lawsuits rather protecting customers, the Washington Post reported.

Among the flaws uncovered was Uber executives allegedly overturning investigators’ determinations of wrong-doing and allowing trouble-prone drivers to stay on the job, the newspaper said, citing interviews with more than 20 current and former investigators. The investigators also are barred by company policy from telling victims to talk to the police or to seek legal counsel, even when they get confessions from the alleged perpetrator.

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Uber disputed the allegations when contacted by the Washington Post, with company spokeswoman Jody Page saying the special investigation unit was created to provide “specialized customer support” rather than protecting Uber.

“Characterizing this team as anything but providing support to people after a difficult experience is just wrong,” she said.

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