Russia‘s behaviour could spark events that leads to World War 3, says Britain‘s top military adviser

Russia could ‘inadvertently‘ start World War Three: Britain‘s top general warns that Vladimir Putin‘s reckless tactics including assassinations and cyber attacks could push globe to the brink

Britain‘s top military adviser has warned that ‘s reckless behaviour and lack of respect for international law could escalate into a world war. 

Chief of the Defence Staff Sir Nick Carter said peace is under threat from ‘new types‘ of ‘weapons‘ such as cash, cyber-attacks, and propaganda, which are posing as alternatives to ‘gain advantage and sow discord‘, he wrote in . 

In a Remembrance Sunday message he outlined how these ‘weapons‘ have created a world ‘less stable than at any times during World War II‘. 

‘The threats are diversifying, proliferating and intensifying rapidly‘, Sir Nick wrote. 

He described how the nature of politics and warfare has changed due to the pervasiveness of information and pace of technological change. 

The military adviser also outlined the assertion that Russia had been ‘testing new disinformation tactics‘ in a Facebook campaign in parts of Africa ahead of the 2020 American presidential election. 

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Sir Nick, 60, wrote: ‘I am not suggesting that our opponents want to go to war in the traditional definition of the term, but reckless behaviour and the lack of respect for international law relating to these new types of ‘weapons‘ risks escalation that could easily lead to inadvertent miscalculation.‘ 

He said how the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28 1914 led to the July crisis which escalated in World War I as a result of ‘miscalculations by European leaders‘. 

States such as Russia, China and Iran are asserting power in ways that challenges our security and stability that has been in place since 1945, he wrote. 

And he said the ‘multi-lateral system‘ that has cemented this stability requires an urgent ‘global response‘ to protect it. 

The messages comes after ten Russian submarines, at least eight of them nuclear-powered, set sail from the port of Murmansk in October before some of them passed through the Greenland-Iceland-UK Gap, skirting British territorial waters.

The submarines headed out into the North Atlantic with the goal being to pass west of Greenland and as far into the North Atlantic as possible.

The mission, the largest fielded by Russia‘s Northern Fleet since the Cold War, is designed to prove that Moscow has the ability to strike the US East Coast, Norway‘s intelligence service said.


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