Mesut Ozil robber begs for mercy as a fellow inmate attacks him in leaked footage shot behind bars 

Jailed thug who robbed Arsenal star Mesut Ozil begs for mercy in prison as a fellow inmate attacks him in leaked footage shot behind bars 

Ashley Smith, of Archway, north London, was jailed for 10 years after attempting to rob the men of luxury watches worth £200,000. He was filmed begging for mercy as a fellow inmate attacked him in prison

The robber who was jailed for trying to mug Arsenal duo Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac was filmed begging for mercy as a fellow inmate attacked him in prison.

Ashley Smith, of Archway, north , was jailed for 10 years after attempting to rob the men of luxury watches worth £200,000.

Sead Kolasinac, 26, was filmed on CCTV chasing the moped gangsters around a £165,000 Mercedes G-wagon containing Ozil and his wife Amine in Hampstead, north London, in July.

Footage of attack on Smith, taken from within HMP Pentonville, London, using a smuggled mobile phone, shows the robber saying ‘it weren‘t me‘ as his face was punched by the attacker. 

Smith can be seen lying on the floor of a prison cell trying to shield his face, reports.

Smith says: ‘It weren‘t me though. I swear to god. I can‘t see.‘

During his trial, Harrow Crown Court heard that Smith and his accomplice Jordan Northover, 26, did not count on the bravery of Bosnian defender Kolasinac in fighting back.

Ozil drove his wife and the other footballer from the ambush as the would-be robbers pursued them on a stolen moped and threw stones.

Smith was described by judge Ian Bourne QC as a prolific ‘career criminal‘. 

He was out on licence for a 42-month sentence for burglary in 2017 when he tried to carry out the street robbery on the Arsenal pair.

He had been released in connection with a burglary offence in January.

Smith had previously pleaded guilty to the attempted robbery. 

CCTV footage of the attack showed Smith‘s accomplice Northover pulling the knife on Kolasinac and using it to jab at his face and neck – but the hardman didn‘t flinch as he squared up to the robbers and tried to knock them out.

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As the robbers panicked, Mr Ozil screamed to his teammate to ‘jump in‘, sparking a mile-long high-speed chase through north London before the 4×4 was abandoned outside a Golders Green Turkish restaurant where the footballers and Mrs Ozil ran inside and called the police.

How the moped gang took on the wrong man: Arsenal‘s Bosnian ‘Tank‘ came out fighting

Best friends Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac in a warm up

The would-be robbers picked on the wrong man when they took on the man they call The Tank.

Sead Kolasinac, the no-nonsense 6ft Bosnian international, was born in Germany to refugee parents who fled the hardships of the war in their Balkan homeland.

And he revels in his ‘pretty cool‘ nicknames, Destroyer as well as The Tank.

His father, Faik, said his son‘s physical statue was down to the family‘s Bosniak roots. ‘It‘s all about genetics,‘ he said.

The Kolasinac family settled in Karlsruhe where Faik worked at a local Mercedes-Benz factory to support his wife and children.

‘I have Germany to thank for everything, just like my family,‘ Sead said in 2017. ‘At that time it was not easy as a refugee. In my country there was a war, it was not easy to go to Germany and gain a foothold. Germany made that possible.‘

Young Sead, seldom seen without a football at his feet, soon attracted attention of German teams but never forgot his roots.

Every week he would return to his mother‘s kitchen for burek and traditional tarts. And the whole family make an annual pilgrimage back their former village of Domanovici. According to his father, Kolasinac adores being among his people.

The traditional family life has continued with Sead, who married long-time girlfriend and social media influencer Bella just last month in Baden, Germany.

He met her while he was playing at German side Schalke 04, where the five-years-older Mesut Ozil took him under his wing, the pair bonding over their shared Muslim faith.

The religion played a significant part in Kolasinac‘s upbringing, with the youngster often skipping school to go to Islamic classes in the mosque.  


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