Man proposes in a KFC leading viewers to offer a free honeymoon

Adorable moment a man proposes in a KFC leading viewers to offer a free honeymoon and even a proposal to broadcast the ‘national wedding‘ on television

A video of a man proposing in a KFC restaurant delighted viewers, with some offering to host the wedding, pay for their honeymoon and get the bride a free dress. 

Bhut’ Hector got down on one knee and asked Nonhlanhla to marry him as crowds of onlookers cheered.

The video was shared to KFC ‘s Twitter page where the fast-food giant  initially called on their customers to help identify the couple.

The caption said: ‘DM us any leads, there might be a Finger Lickin‘ Good surprise in it for you too.‘

The footage shows Bhut’ Hector putting a ring on Nonhlanhla‘s finger as thrilled onlookers cheer and clap.

The future bride wipes away tears as Bhut’ Hector beams.

He passes a camera to a bystander so they can capture their special moment. 

KFC replied to their initial call for help and said: ‘South Africa, you guys are amazing! 

‘We’ve found the beautiful couple, and looks like we’re having a #StreetwiseWedding y’all.

‘We’re meeting Bhut’ Hector and his lovely bride Nonhlanhla. We’ll keep you posted.‘

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The restaurant added: ‘Our amazing couple, bhut’ Hector and sis Nonhlanhla, are truly grateful and overjoyed by your love SA.‘

Viewers jumped at opportunity to help the happy couple celebrate their nuptials, and come called on the ‘national wedding‘ to be shown on television.

South African airline Kalula wrote: ‘Hey mzansi‘s favourite couple! Your honeymoon is on us! 

‘Kululaholidays are giving you a holiday in Cape Town, including flights and five nights accommodation.‘ 

A hotel offered to host the whole wedding. They wrote: ‘Congratulations to the special couple. 

‘Thaba Eco Hotel would be honoured to host your wedding and food to the value of 100 people.‘ 

McDonald‘s even offered the couple a gift. They wrote: ‘We just could not resist all this Lovin‘.

‘We would love to take Mzansi‘s fave couple on an all-expenses paid trip to Cape Town for an unforgettable VIP experience at Toni Braxton‘s As Long As I Live tour. 

‘Thank you for celebrating love.‘ 

A design emporium even offered to provide a wedding dress for Nonhlanhla.


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