Lord Sugar says he would vote for Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister rather than Jeremy Corbyn

Jewish ex-Labour peer Lord Sugar says he would vote for Boris Johnson to be Prime Minister rather than Jeremy Corbyn as the party‘s support plummets amid anti-Semitism crisis

Jewish Labour peer Lord Sugar (pictured) said he would vote for Boris Johnson in the general election over Jeremy Corbyn if he was allowed to

Ex-Labour peer Lord Sugar has said he would vote for  over if he was allowed to.

The Apprentice star and business mogul, 72, tweeted his support for Mr Johnson yesterday afternoon and branded the Labour leader a ‘millionaire hypocrite‘.

Lord Sugar joined the Labour Party in 1997 and soon became one of the party‘s biggest donors.

He quit the party to become an independent peer days after the 2015 General Election.  

His pledge of support for Mr Johnson comes after his claims Mr Corbyn is ‘worth more than £1m‘ if all his assets were added together.

Lord Sugar‘s net worth has previously been estimated at close to £985million.

He tweeted today: ‘As much as it pains me, due to destruction by the millionaire hypocrite Jeremy Corbyn of the once great Labour party who I supported for years.  

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‘If I could vote I would have to vote for Boris this time.‘ 

Lord Sugar was made a peer 11 years ago meaning he is unable to vote in general elections.

He was a Labour member for 18 years and became one of the party‘s biggest donors. 

But in 2015, Lord Sugar quit the Labour Party over its ‘negative‘ approach to business and has repeatedly attacked Mr Corbyn for his economic policies and lax approach to the anti-Semitism crisis. 

His earlier tweet stated: ‘Mr Corbyn lives in an expensive house in Islington. I guess if you tot up all his assets he is worth more than £1m. 

‘He is a hypocrite and is peddling a Robin Hood story and fooling people like you.‘

In 2018, Lord Sugar vowed to quit Britain if Corbyn became Prime Minister – taking his huge tax bills with him.

‘Corbyn, if he gets in I‘m out. That‘s for sure,‘ the business mogul vowed in a newspaper interview.


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