How Ed Sheeran‘s manager who started off working at a chicken factory made £30m last year

Revealed: How Ed Sheeran‘s manager who started off working at a chicken factory made £30m last year – just £3m less than the singer himself

‘s manager who started off working at a chicken factory made £30million last year, just £3million less than the singer himself.

fan Stuart Camp, 46, made almost as much as the Castle on the Hill singer through business Grumpy Old Management, filings at companies house reveal.

It came after Sheeran‘s two-year-and-a-half-year world tour, comprising 260 shows, ended in Suffolk in August this year and the I Don‘t Care singer launched his No.6 Collaborations Project album in July. 

While Stuart raked in visible earnings of £29.5million, according to documents filed at companies house, the internationally-acclaimed artist, who files under Ed Sheeran Limited, earned £32.6million.

After working in the food industry, Stuart joined Rocket Music, a company co-founded by Sir Elton John, where he managed stars including James Blunt and Lily Allen.

Four years later he signed on 20-year-old Ed Sheeran, and in 2014 split off to form his own business, Grumpy Old Management.

The pair have now been working together for eight years, and appear to have a jokey professional relationship.

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Speaking on Introducing podcast, Stuart said that every year Ed puts a ‘stupid clause‘ in the contract such as carrying around a laminated picture of Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter at all times.

‘I have to have that with me at all times‘, he said, ‘It‘s in my management contract. Stupid things like that‘.

In July this year Stuart told that he was extending the company to taking on other clients.

‘We‘ve got some quality staff and we‘re settling into that‘, he said.

‘It‘ll be interesting to see whether we start looking at other things to get involved in next year, during a mostly quiet period – at least publicly – on the Sheeran front.

‘It feels very good, we‘re in a strong position and I‘m very happy with how we work, so it‘ll be interesting to see what comes along.‘ 

The pair have also recently opened a pub together in Notting Hill, London, called the Bertie Blossoms – which is named after the singer‘s wife Cherry Seaborn.

Ed Sheeran is a four-time Grammy award winner who has sold more than 100 million singles, and more than 26 million albums worldwide.

He was named the 35th richest musician by the Sunday Times with a fortune of £80million, which tied him with Gary Barlow, who was also listed as having the same amount.


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