Gina Schumacher takes the reigns as she follows in Michael‘s footsteps and dons Ferrari racing gear

Gina Maria Schumacher, 22, takes the reigns as she pays tribute to father Michael with Formula One themed routine during horse riding competition

Michael Schumacher‘s daughter Gina Maria paid tribute to the her father by performing a Formula 1 themed routine at a horse riding competition yesterday.

Gina Maria, 22, donned a Ferrari boiler suit and helmet for the freestyle competition in Verona, cladding her horse in a similarly bold outfit as they staged pit stops and ‘tyre changes‘ during the Formula 1 themed routine. 

The keen rider recently spoke about how her love of horses had given her strength to carry on and to deal with tragedy of her father‘s injuries. 

She told German She‘s Magazine that her father had told her horse riding came with a special responsibility: ‘When you drive a car, you can stick it in the garage afterwards. But a horse needs to be looked after all the time, even on Sundays.‘ 

Gina Maria has long been passionate about horse riding, and recently spoke about how the sport has helped her and mother Corrina cope with her father‘s injury. 

In December 2013, Michael suffered a massive brain injury in an accident which left him permanently disabled – while little has been revealed about his condition after he was moved home in September 2014 to be treated.

Speaking to She‘s Magazine Corinna, 50, together with Gina Maria, said that while her son Mick, 20, is following in his father‘s footsteps with a racing career, mother and daughter were united in their love of Western riding. 

They reportedly said that working with horses gave them both the strength to carry on and to deal with the tragedy.

They have a ranch in the Swiss town of Givrins – which was gifted to Corinna by Michael in 2005 for their 10th wedding anniversary – with the mother and daughter organising riding events there.

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Corinna told the magazine: ‘I don‘t forget who I have to thank for this. That would be my husband Michael.‘

Explaining how she developed her passion for horses, she said: ‘When I was 30 and I dreamt of having a horse, he flew me down to Dubai in order to look at an Arabian horse.‘

She said that when she was there she fell in love with Tyson which was a horse used for Western-style riding.

She now has two ranches in Switzerland and Texas, and as the magazine notes, as an office clerk she ended up becoming a successful Western rider, and was in 2010 the European champion in Western-style horse riding.

Corinna currently has 40 horses, and Michael used to boast about how he would act as the hired help, known as a Turniertrottel in Germany, where he would be mucking out stables and driving the truck.

She said she was proud of her entrepreneurial activity, saying: ‘I am glad that I have such a great team that keeps everything going. I feel the greatest pride when I see Gina. What she has already achieved and how much fun she is – that makes me happy.‘

Gina-Maria is a highly successful rider, and has won multiple competitions over the years, including the FEI World Reining Championships in Switzerland in 2017.

In February 2018, she won a gold medal at the National Reining Horse Association’s novice Cavalli and she topped World Championships for junior riders in 2018. 

While her success was something Michael had once prophesied would happen.

Corinna said: ‘When my husband told me that one day Gina would be much better than me, I was not thrilled.

‘I thought ‘hey, how did he come to that conclusion?‘ I mean I work with horses from morning to night, trying to learn everything.‘

He then told me: ‘You are too nice. Gina however gives everything to the horses, but she is also able to say no and to see it through.‘ 


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