General election: Wales Green Party ‘will revive devastated communities‘

Reviving and restoring “devastated” communities will form a key part of the Wales Green Party‘s election campaign.

The party will also oppose increases in flights from Cardiff Airport – saying it is incompatible with declaration.

Leader Anthony Slaughter said it must be a general election “about our planet‘s future”.

The party launches its election campaign in Barry on Monday.

It has said they will campaign on “bold radical policies” following a year that has seen growing awareness of the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.

These have been highlighted by the actions of Extinction Rebellion and the School‘s Strike for Climate, Mr Slaughter said.

He added: “At a time of climate emergency this must be an election about our planet‘s future and the urgent action needed to tackle this crisis.

“Wales Green Party has the policies and ambition to help Wales realise its potential in leading the way in creating a greener, fairer, sustainable future for all.”

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The aim is to revive the “devastated communities” that have “long suffered” the effects of an “unjust industrial transition” and austerity agenda.

It has pledged to do this by providing affordable housing for everyone, supporting community-owned renewable energy schemes and a reliable nationwide public transport system.

The party also believes the problems faced can only be tackled through international cooperation which is why it is a Remain party.

“We also recognise the ever-increasing social inequality within our communities that is behind so much of the anger and frustration that drove the Brexit vote,” a statement said.

“Greens will fight to protect our rights as European citizens and to tackle the widespread social injustice across Wales that has no place in the 21st Century. “

Ahead of the 12 December general election, the party has with Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats.

Candidates will stand aside for each other in 11 of the 40 constituencies to increase the chances of a Remain-supporting MP being elected.

Under the deal, the Greens will stand aside in the 10 other seats but will be the only one of the three parties standing in the Vale of Glamorgan.

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