Father of murdered Becky Godden-Edwards says ITV drama has ruined his life

Furious father of murdered Becky Godden-Edwards says ‘shameful‘ ITV drama A Confession has ruined his life by portraying him as an ‘oaf‘ and would have his daughter ‘turning in her grave‘

The father of murdered Becky Godden-Edwards has said an ITV drama about the case has ruined his life. 

John Godden, 60, says he asked producers of series A Confession not to air certain scenes which caused him great pain and portrayed him as an ‘uncaring oaf‘, for which he has received public outrage on social media.

Becky was 20 years old when she was murdered by suspected serial killer Christopher Halliwell, played by Joe Absolom in the show.

The series revolves around Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher, played by Martin Freeman, trying to solve the disappearance of Sian O‘Callaghan in Swindon in 2011. 

While interrogating then-suspect Halliwell over Sian, the cold-blooded killer leads Fulcher to the remains of Becky, whose disappearance in 2003 had become a cold case.

ITV’s six-part prime time dramatisation attracted an audience of five million when it aired in September, but Mr Godden said his daughter would be ‘turning in her grave‘ at the way he was portrayed.

‘When I saw the show I sat there in shock at how I was being portrayed – even the way the actor was dressed was nothing like me. I was an oaf, it was a total character assassination,‘ Mr Godden told the at his home in Swindon.

‘My life has been ruined over this. ITV have a lot to answer for. They should hang their heads in shame.‘

Mr Godden claims ITV refused to remove one scene in which he appears to be unconcerned by his girl’s disappearance, and that the actor playing him did not approach him.

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He added that his mother, who suffers from terminal cancer, had watched the show, leaving her distressed.

‘I lost a daughter in the most horrific way. To not show me any compassion is disgusting. You don’t do that to people who are grieving.‘

The show was based on a book written by Det Supt Stephen Fulcher, and developed with the help of John’s estranged wife – Becky’s mother Karen Edwards, 59

Haliwell was finally jailed for the murder of Becky Godden-Edwards in 2016, having been found guilty of killing Sian O‘Callaghan in 2012

Detective Fulcher put his job on the line when Christopher Halliwell was arrested in 2011 on suspicion of murdering Sian.

But in an off-the-record investigation, he also confessed to killing Becky and took Det Fulcher to the murder spot.

But the confession was thrown out of court after a judge ruled Fulcher hadn’t read Halliwell his rights. 

After initially escaped justice for Becky’s murder, Haliwell was finally given a whole life term in 2016.

Dad of three John Godden is now demanding an apology from ITV for the portrayal.

A spokesperson for ITV said: ‘We listened to what John had to say and, where possible, amended some scenes to reflect his thoughts.

‘We are satisfied that what was depicted in the finished piece was both accurate and fair.‘

An ITV source added that John had asked to be sent the photograph of the actor.

Double murderer Christopher Halliwell has now been linked to four other unsolved murders.

A witness has urged police to reinvestigate the death of Julie Finley, 23, was found strangled with her naked body dumped in a field in Rainford, Lancashire on August 5, 1994.              


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