Fashion enthusiast, 24, uses natural materials to create attention grabbing artwork

She‘s a natural! From a model covered in radish slices to flower petal lashes, artist uses plants and veggies to create VERY striking works of art

A model has created eye-catching works of art using plants, vegetables and other natural materials. 

Katya, 24, who lives in Moscow, crafts her striking masterpieces by painstakingly arranging petals, radish slices and tufts of grass and placing them on her models. 

Her unconventional displays, which are designed to challenge conventional beauty standards, have captured the attention of over 15,000 users, despite many people feeling uneasy with images that trigger Trypophobia.   

Katya whose work has been influenced by Isa Genzken, Pipilotti Rist and Donald Judd, grew up with an interest in fashion, make-up and costumes.

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She revealed her inspiration for experimenting with unconventional materials came from growing up in the Russian countryside and receiving natural souvenirs from her parents when they travelled. 

The 24-year-old often involves her friend and family in posing for her artistic images. Katya has a number of projects for which she grew items such as luffas from scratch to use.

She added: ‘Even if it‘s not natural for a person to use press-on nails, at the if same time, if he or she feels it‘s organic, then it‘s beautiful. To me, beauty is not about aesthetics, but about feelings.‘ 

Her recent work has included a dried out leaf placed over an eye as well as faces covered entirely in flower petals.  


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