Conservatives submit rap videos for Donald Trump‘s #MAGAChallenge competition

Donald Trump is accused of starting a ‘minstrel show‘ by asking fans to submit #MAGAChallenge rap videos as he flew to Atlanta to launch Black Voices for Trump voting initiative

President has started a bitter social media war with the announcement of #MAGACHALLENGE – an online competition where fans can win a chance to visit the White House.

Donald Trump shared a September 14 video posted by challenge creator – Bryson Gray – when announcing the rap competition on Friday.

‘I will be announcing the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE and inviting them to the to meet with me and perform,‘ Trump said in his tweet. ‘Good luck!‘ 

The rap competition‘s announcement coincided on the same day as the Black Voices for Trump coalition launch in Atlanta, where the president was speaking with conservative black voters. 

‘Donald Trump and the GOP kicked off their “Black Voices For Trump” day by promoting this idiotic #MAGAchallenge minstrel show thing,‘ said Twitter user Ken Barnes. ‘I can‘t believe they think this will generate black voter support … wow.‘ 

Scroll down for video 

Most of the video submissions involve folks rapping over Gray‘s beat in an attempt to stick it to the liberals. 

Actor Isaiah Washington even appears in one of the videos, referring to Trump as his ‘wi****.‘ 

Several of the videos show aspiring musicians rapping about liberals wanting abortions and praising Trump for building the economy and getting rid of ‘illegal immigrants.‘ 

One MAGA teen even took shots at Greta Thunberg in her video, declaring that the activist was spewing lies about climate change. 

Several critics hijacked #MAGACHALLENGE and submitted their own artwork and opinions about the current administration. 

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‘Free hats for all dinner attendees,‘ said one person, sharing a photo of a toilet seat liner. 

Comedian Marie Connor shared a photo of her flipping the bird at one of Trump‘s towers.  

The sentiment was shared by comedian Dean Obeidallah, who added: ‘My #MAGACHALLENGE is I hope the entire stadium at Saturday‘s Alabama-LSU game boos Trump when he enters the stadium! And Then Chants “Lock Him Up!”  

‘I was blocked by Trump… already won the #MAGACHALLENGE,‘ exclaimed actress Angela Belcamino. 

Davis Weissman added: ‘My #MAGACHALLENGE is for Trump supporters to read the transcripts, and the constitutional law that was violated.‘

One user, Ellie Poole, even submitted her own rendition of ‘All I Want For Christmas‘ in an attempt to call for Trump‘s impeachment. 

Several users noted the connection between the challenge and the ‘Black Voice For Trump‘ event for Trump.  

One user chimed: ‘Trump is too cheap to pay #kanye I guess.‘

‘How much you wanna bet Trump turned the #MAGACHALLENGE into a rap contest b/c he genuinely believes it would be a good strategy to recruit Black voters b/c he genuinely Black voters to be simple enough to be swayed by such tactics + that most Black voters that much care about rap,‘ another user added. 

According to , the Trump campaign has held at least 15 contests since 2018 offering the chance to eat with the president. They claimed that there was no proof of anyone actually winning the contest.

The publication received a statement from Communications Director Tim Murtaugh after releasing the data, claiming ‘people win the contest each time.‘ 

He offered the publication no proof to support that claim. 


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