British couple believed injured in bus plunged off embankment near Thailand‘s Paradise Beach 

British couple are believed to be among several people injured when a bus plunged down an embankment near Thailand‘s infamous Paradise Beach

A British couple are believed to be among several people injured after a bus plunged down an embankment near the infamous Paradise Beach in .

-sided vehicle was taking tourists to the holiday mecca in Phuket when it left the road at 1.15pm local time today.

The roof was torn off – catapulting passengers out of the bus – and the driver was knocked unconscious.

An eye-witness said that between eight and 10 passengers, mainly British and French, were injured including a couple from the UK.

Two ambulances were called to help the injured group and the bus driver who had to be carried from the wreckage.

A guest at the popular private island resort said: ‘I was just heading for lunch when I heard a massive crash and lots of screaming.

‘Everyone rushed from the beach to find that a bus carrying tourists had lost control on a steep hill and crashed into the embankment.

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‘The island is in the hills which are extremely steep, it‘s the only way you can reach the resort, and it appears that the driver lost control halfway down the final slope.

‘There were about 8-10 passengers, French and British tourists, and people were thrown from the bus when it crashed.

‘The bus was smashed into the side of the hill and the roof was torn completely off and strewn in the middle of the road.

‘Everyone was very shaken up and most of the tourists got taken to the hospital with injuries with two ambulances arriving not long after the crash.

‘The driver had to be carried out of the bus by a group of people, he was barely conscious.‘

Paradise Beach has long been a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers in Thailand with its famed white sand and clear waters.

Netflix film Paradise Beach was released yesterday on the popular streaming website with the majority of filming taking place at the resort.



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