Bride and groom‘s family ‘to SUE‘ hotel where wedding reception descended into a bloody brawl

Bride and groom‘s family threaten to sue hotel for ‘breaching their privacy‘ after wedding reception descended into a bloody brawl and staff posted footage online

A bride and groom‘s family are looking to sue a hotel for breaching their privacy after a wedding reception descended into a bloody brawl and staff allegedly posted footage of the scuffle online.

Shocking footage captured the vicious punch-up at Ramada Park Hall in Wolverhampton just after 9.30pm on Saturday, October 12.

Police swooped but did not arrest anyone, despite the fight leaving three people hospitalised.

It is understood the scrap broke out due to a guest hitting on other attendees.

Hotel workers had claimed the spat was resolved but the couple‘s family have indicated they will sue the five-star franchise for ‘breaching privacy‘. 

They also said they were hit with an £85,000 damage fine and have now protested outside Ramada Park Hall following claims staff had uploaded footage to social media.

They wore yellow hi-vis jackets and held placards reading Absolute Invasion of Privacy‘ and ‘No Duty of Care‘.

Under The Ramada Injured Party Action Group, they have called for an apology from the hotel, claiming there was a lack of safeguarding for the 500 guests, according to the .

Police were also lambasted by the family, who claimed they momentarily closed the gates of the hotel on Park Drive – stopping ambulances from arriving.

The hotel have hit back at the allegations, saying it was ‘ridiculous‘ to suggest there were 500 people at the wedding.  

A Ramada spokesman said: ‘These claims are all fabricated. We refute them entirely.‘

Footage recorded by fellow guests shows the men punching and kicking each other as people try to pull them apart before being dragged into the brawl themselves.

One man was carried away with blood pouring down his face while a young female member of staff was treated by doctors at the scene.

The wedding band are seen in the background watching on in horror as the men pile on top of each other kicking, punching and mauling uncontrollably. 

As the fight continues, a man can be heard screaming and shouting at the group to calm down but the fight continues nonetheless.    

He says: ‘Everyone calm down now. Calm down. The police are outside, calm down. Everyone just keep stepping away. 

‘If you are not involved, please move away. Like I said if you are not involved please move away. ‘

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Despite his plea, the mayhem carries on and a heavily bloodied man is led away.‘

Aman Singh, who was at the wedding, said the violence left a number of people hurt as the families clashed. Mr Singh said: ‘It was chaos.

‘There were punches flying all over the place and we saw someone being taken into an ambulance – I hope he is okay – this is not how you want a wedding to end.‘

Another guest – who asked not to be named – said one man was left with blood pouring down his face.

He said: ‘It was disgusting. This poor bloke was left with blood literally pouring down his face. This isn‘t how a wedding should be conducted – they were animals.‘  

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: ‘Police were called to a disorder at the Ramada Park Hall hotel on Park Drive in Wolverhampton just after 9.30pm on October 12.

‘Three men were seen with facial injuries, although no-one has reported being assaulted. 

‘One woman was taken to hospital to be checked over, but was not physically injured.‘ 

West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) received nine calls about the incident and sent a major response.

A WMAS spokesman said: ‘We received no fewer than nine calls to reports of a brawl at a wedding at the Park Hall Ramada Hotel in Wolverhampton at 9.30 on Saturday evening.

‘Ambulance staff rapidly assessed a large number of potential patients. In total, there were four casualties that needed further assistance. 

‘A teenage girl who had been working at the event was treated at the scene for a medical condition and injuries sustained in the disturbance. After assessment by ambulance staff, she was taken to New Cross Hospital.

‘Two men in their 20s were taken to the same hospital with injuries sustained in the incident. 

‘A man in his 40s, who had also been injured in the incident, was assessed but chose not to go to hospital against advice from the paramedic on scene.‘  

A spokesman for the hotel said at the time: ‘Having hosted hundreds of weddings we have never seen scenes like this. 

‘We do not accept this behaviour and would like to praise the quick thinking of our team who immediately ed the emergency services. 

‘We‘re in close liaison with all staff members who were present on the night and are ensuring that they get all the support they need.‘

‘The father of the bride ed the hotel to offer a formal apology.‘


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