Best of BS Opinion: Ayodhya judgment, rising stress in economy, and more

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From the implications of the landmark judgment to rising stress in the and government finances, here’s a collection of Business Standard Opinion pieces of the day.

The judgment, while imperfect, does have the potential to bring closure to a long-running issue, says our lead editorial.

The second editorial of the day argues that India needs structural changes in practically every aspect of the economy. While policymakers may choose to ignore Moody’s warning, the world will not.

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The government has a few more weeks before it can make up its mind on whether to transparently recognise the stress in its finances or continue to present a headline deficit number that does not fully reveal the true picture, writes A K Bhattacharya.

What we are witnessing now is a Lehman moment in slow motion. There is plenty of liquidity in the system, but the banks don’t trust most and are not willing to fund them for fear of losing money, writes Tamal Bandyopadhyay.


“Muslims should not discuss this (dispute). Instead, they should discuss their basic problems and try to find out solutions…I am suggesting that it would be better if we build a college at the alternative 5-acre land, to be provided in Ayodhya for building a mosque.”

Scriptwriter and film producer Salim Khan

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