Ayodhya verdict: UP sets up makeshift jails, tracks social media posts

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Security has been increased in Ayodhya and places nearby and the 31 districts of Uttar Pradesh are on alert for the in the Ram Janmabhoomi-title suit, government authorities said on Saturday.

The Uttar Pradesh government has created temporary jails in every district and suspended internet in some places to check rumours on social media.

The Union Home Ministry is in with the state government and has provided 4,000 central paramilitary personnel for deployment in Uttar Pradesh, a senior official said.

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More than 670 people on social media are being monitored and if need arises internet can be stopped to check spread of rumours, the official said.

Security has been tightened in Ayodhya and its adjoining areas while temporary prisons have been created in every district of the state.

The state government has identified 31 districts as sensitive while Section 144 under CrPC, prohibiting gathering of five or more persons, has already been imposed across Uttar Pradesh.


Special focus is being given to Ayodha, the district where the disputed structure is located, and different tiers of security zones have been created there, and each visitor is being scanned.

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